Bomb Sauce Alien Piss eJuice Review

Alien Piss eLiquid Review

Bomb Sauce is known for their crazy good flavors. They make many different flavors, many of which are very tasty. In this article I am going to be writing about one of their most popular, if not the most popular juice that Bomb Sauce makes. This juice is known as Alien Piss.

Advertised Flavor Profile

The advertised flavor profile is similar to what it tastes like. It is advertised as blue raspberry lemonade, however, the lemonade flavor is more subtle than many would like.

Lemonade Flavor

You’d think that the lemonade flavor would overpower the other flavors but it doesn’t! In fact, as stated previously, the lemonade flavor is pretty subtle, at least to me.

Blue Raspberry Flavor

The blue raspberry flavor in Alien Piss is awesome. It is bold and gives an awesome flavor, especially with the subtleness of the lemonade flavor! It has a sharp taste that really stands out.

Personal Flavor Review

To me, Alien Piss tastes almost identical to the blue raspberry sour punch straws. Seeing as I love blue raspberry, this eJuice is easily one of my favorites.

Alien Piss eJuice




Lemonade Flavor


Blue Raspberry Flavor


Pairing of Flavors



  • Bold Blue Raspberry Taste
  • Very Smooth


  • Weak Lemonade Flavor

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