Country Clouds – Corn Bread Puddin eJuice Review

Cornbread Puddin' Vape Juice Review

I only recently stumbled upon the Country Clouds brand, when I purchased their juice called Cornbread Puddin,’ based upon the recommendation from a brick and mortar vape shop. When I first tried it, I thought it tasted kind of strange – but I liked it! After hitting it about 10 times, I was in love with this flavor, which, at the time of the writing of this article, is my number one juice. In this review I will be discussing exactly why I like this juice.

Advertised Flavor and Flavor Portfolio

In this Country Clouds Corn Bread Puddin’ eJuice, it is advertised to be cornbread with vanilla pudding and confectioner’s sugar on top. This is a traditional “country” treat!

Cornbread Flavor

The cornbread flavor in the Cornbread Puddin’ eJuice by Country Clouds is on point! It tastes identical to real cornbread, which was very shocking for me. This juice may be the closest to the real thing of any juice I’ve had – at least in terms of the cornbread flavor.

Vanilla Pudding Flavor

While it is advertised to be vanilla pudding, I found that the sweet flavor tasted more like syrup with a bit of vanilla added to it – yum! While they didn’t get the pudding flavor right, it actually probably tastes better this way than it would with a stronger vanilla pudding flavor.

Confectioner’s Sugar

I can definitely taste a hit of confectioner’s sugar in the Corn Bread Puddin’ eLiquid by Country Clouds

Personal Review

As stated in the introduction to this article, the Cornbread Pudding eJuice by Country Clouds is my all-time favorite juice. Try it out, and let me know what you think about it in the con

Country Clouds - Cornbread Puddin'


Cornbread Flavor


Vanilla Pudding Flavor


Syrup Flavor


Overall Quality



  • Unique Flavor
  • Satisfying Taste
  • Perfectly Proportioned Flavors


  • "Different" Taste That Some People May Not Like

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