Cuttwood Sugar Drizzle eJuice Review

While Cuttwood’s most popular juices are Unicorn Milk and Boss Reserve, neither is my favorite from the Cuttwood brand. My favorite is the Sugar Drizzle.

Advertised Flavor Profile

Cuttwood’s advertised Flavor Profile of sugar drizzle is sugar cookie with sugar on top, and I will say it is very accurate! The taste of the sugar doesn’t mask the pastry taste at all, which for whatever reason I assumed would be a problem.

Pastry/Cookie Flavor

The pastry flavor of this eLiquid is perfectly formulated. It is bold, but not too bold; just enough that you can clearly taste it without the taste becoming overpowering. Very impressed with this aspect of Sugar Drizzle’s Flavor Profile

Sugar Flavor

Once again, the sugar flavor of this juice does not overpower the cookie taste of the flavor profile. It is complementary to the cookie/pastry flavor. It tastes just like cane sugar!

Personal Review of Cuttwood Sugar Drizzle eJuice

As I stated in the introduction, Sugar Drizzle is my favorite of the Cuttwood brand’s eLiquids. The flavor profile is perfectly formulated to maximize how much it actually tastes like a sugar cookie!


Sugar Flavor


Cookie Flavor


Brand Recognition


Overall Quality



  • Good sugar flavor
  • Delicious cookie flavor
  • Well-Balanced


  • Some users may find it too sweet.

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