Hit That Cookie – S’Mores eJuice Review

Review of S'Mores by Hit That Juice's Hit That Cookie line

Hit That Cookie is a line of eLiquids made by the Hit That Juice brand. This was the 2nd product I have tried from Hit That Juice, the first being their Hit That Donut – Boston Cream eJuice. In this review I will be discussing the Hit That Juice’s product, Hit That Cookie – S’Mores

Advertised Flavor

The advertised flavor for this juice is obviously the delicious dessert known as s’mores, with a graham cracker – marshmellow – chocolate flavor. I expected to taste these, but it didn’t taste like s’mores at all to me – if anything it tastes like chocolate covered marshmellows, or possibly Nesquik and ice cream; I couldn’t quite place my finger on it.

Graham Cracker Flavor

I could not taste the graham cracker flavor in this juice at all. It’s almost like they forgot to even include it. In my opinion, the graham cracker flavor is essential to the taste of s’mores. Big downvote from me on this part.

Marshmellow Flavor

Unlike the graham cracker flavor, I could really taste the flavor of the marshmellow in this juice, which they actually did a really good job with, in terms of potency and flavor accuracy. Hit That Cookie – S’Mores does an excellent job in making the marshmellow flavor taste sweet and fluffy.

Chocolate Flavor

To me, the chocolate flavor in this juice tastes like Nesquik, which I like as I grew up drinking it. It, however, doesn’t taste like a piece of a chocolate bar like you’d expect with the typical S’Mores flavor. Mixed emotions on this part.

Personal Review of Hit That Cookie – S’Mores

While the juice doesn’t really taste like s’mores, it actually still tastes really good, and I still recommend it, but don’t be expecting an exact flavor match from this product. It is not too sweet and all of the flavors it has are well-balanced. I really like the marshmellow flavor in this, and the taste of Nesquik chocolate as well. This juice is 80% VG, which I like.

Hit That Cookie - S'Mores


Graham Cracker Flavor


Marshmellow Flavor


Chocolate Flavor


Overall Flavor



  • Nesquik-Like Chocolate Flavor
  • Fluffy Marshmellow Flavor
  • 80% VG / 20% PG


  • No Graham Cracker Flavor
  • Some might not like the Nesquik-like chocolate flavor

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