Hit That Juice – Boston Cream eJuice Review

Boston Cream Donut Juice

Hit That Juice’s ‘Hit That Donut’ line includes a juice called Boston Cream. You may also know these as bavarians or ‘long-johns,’ a donut with cream filling and chocolate icing. Needless to say I was very skeptical when I bought this juice, but I figured I’d give it a chance. This article will serve as a review of Hit That Juice’s Hit That Donut Boston Cream eJuice.

Advertised Flavor Profile

With the Hit That Juice – Hit That Donut Boston Cream eJuice is supposed to taste like a long-john/bavarian as is stated in the introduction to this article. For those who have never had this kind of donut, it is a creme-filled donut with chocolate icing on the top – yum!

Cream Flavor

The cream flavor for ‘Boston Cream’ tastes exactly how the cream in the real thing tastes. It is sweet but not overbearing and has a proportional amount of cream flavoring in terms of strength of each flavor in this eJuice’s flavor portfolio.

Donut Flavor

They got the pastry/donut flavor perfectly!  It really tastes biting into a fresh, hot donut. I was very impressed by how good they got the donut flavor, and how accurate it is regarding the real thing’s flavor.

Chocolate Icing Flavor

The chocolate icing flavor on this Hit That Juice – Boston Cream is very proportional relating to the amount of and strength flavor.

Personal Review of Hit That Donut – Boston Cream

While not in my top juices of all-time due to how sweet it is, I definitely enjoyed this juice – in moderation. For those who like very sweet eLiquids, this one is for you!

Hit That Donut - Boston Cream


Cream Flavor


Donut Flavor


Chocolate Icing Flavor


Overall Quality



  • Tastes Identical to the Real Thing
  • Sweet Taste
  • Perfectly Proportioned Flavor


  • May be too sweet for some people.

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