iJoy Wand Review

iJoy Wand Kit Review

iJoy is a popular name within the vaping community. They make very good mods at very reasonable rates. iJoy has a device called the iJoy Wand. This vaporizer is ‘pen’ style as it is a straight cylinder including the tank, and it tops out at 100W.



The iJoy Wand unfortunately only has a built-in battery. This being said, it only takes 60 minutes to charge to full. The battery, when fully charged, lasts me about a day. It takes a 2600mAh battery.

Firing Button

The iJoy Wand has a small firing button that has an LED light in it. This light tells you when it’s on, dead, or charging.


The iJoy Wand comes with a 25mm sub-ohm tank. The tank has a 5.5mL capacity with the bubble glass, and 4.0mL capacity with the standard glass. It has an 810 drip tip, but a 510 drip tip adapter. It uses mesh nd coils to provide for great flavor. It has a 100W capacity. Blows pretty solid amounts of vapor.


Press the fire button a few times to turn the device on or off. I’d recommend getting a protective rubber band specifically made for vaporizers to put around your tank. One thing that sucks about this device is that if it falls more than a few inches (if even), the glass will shatter and you’ll be buying a new glass which is more expensive than having the rubber band.

Vapor Production

The iJoy Wand actually makes a pretty decent cloud of vapor., so take that into consideration when choosing your juice’s nicotine content.


The flavor on this pen is very good. The mesh screen really makes all the difference in the world.


My iJoy Wand has lasted me about a year and it’s still working like it’s brand new!


To conclude, the iJoy Wand is my favorite ‘pen’ style vaporizer. I have had no issues with this vape, and it is used pretty heavily.

iJoy Wand Kit


Battery Life


Vapor production


Quality of Taste



  • Good Clouds
  • Great Taste


  • Internal Battery
  • Glass breaks super easily

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