Loaded – Apple Fritter eJuice Review

Apple Fritter eJuice Review

This product is the first from Loaded I have ever tried, and I got it in just a few days ago, and was pleasantly surprised. In this article I will be dicussing what the advertised flavor profile is, what I think about it, and my first impression of the Loaded brand.

Advertised Flavor Profile

Obviously, the Loaded Apple Fritter eJuice is supposed to taste like – well – an apple fritter! It is intended to have a pastry-donut like taste with the taste of fresh apple, which is why I was attracted to it. It also is supposed to have a very light cinnamon taste.

Apple Flavor

Loaded eJuice’s Apple Fritter has a strong (caramelized) apple taste, but a very good one! However, it is not overpowering to the other flavors in the juice’s flavor portfolio. I like the apple flavor of this eJuice a lot!

Pastry Flavor

The crisp pastry flavor in this juice is great! It really tastes like a fritter would taste. It has a definitive pastry flavor for sure!

Cinnamon Flavor

While very mild, the slight cinnamon taste in this eLiquid ties the other two flavors together to complete this wonderful tasting eJuice.

Personal Review

I love this eJuice and am so far impressed by the Loaded brand of eJuices. This product tastes exactly like the real thing, so I strongly recommend trying it if you like apple fritters!

In the comments section, let me know your opinion on this vape juice!

Loaded eLiquid - Apple Fritter


Caramelized Apple Flavor


Donut/Pastry Flavor


Cinnamon Flavor


Overall Quality



  • Apple Taste is Caramelized
  • Cinnamon Pulls Other Flavors Together
  • Taste is Perfect in Terms of Profile Balance

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