One Up Churros and Ice Cream eJuice Review

One Up has a line of pastry and sweet flavors of eJuice. While all of their juices are good, this one, churros and ice cream, really sticks out to me and is a perfect concoction of flavors.

Advertised Flavor Profile

One Up’s Churros and Ice Cream eJuice is said to be just that – various elements comprise those two primary flavors. They claim that it is like biting into a churro with ice cream.

Churro Flavor

The churro flavor in this juice is spot on! It contains the perfect amount of pastry-like taste as well as sugar and cinnamon. They could not have made it more perfect! It literally tastes like a churro!

Ice Cream Flavor

The flavor of ice cream in this eJuice is pretty mild. However, it is just enough to give the churro flavor a little bit of creamy sweetness, which makes an already excellent flavor absolutely delicious!

Personal Flavor Review

One Up’s Churros and Ice Cream is probably my all-time favorite eJuice. They could not have gotten the taste more spot on!


I highly recommend trying this eJuice if you like sweets!

One Up Churros and Ice Cream eJuice


Churro Flavor


Ice Cream Flavor





  • Perfect amount of cinnamon
  • Tastes just like a churro
  • Well-Balanced Flavors

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