Smok Priv V8 Vaporizer Kit Review

Smok is a very popular brand of vaporizers, and for good reason. They make great mods! They have an entire family of vapes to choose from, however in this article I will only be addressing and reviewing Smok’s Priv V8 Kit, discussing the various features and what you can expect out of the mod.


The Priv V8 is a very simple mod, and the kit comes with everything you need to get started (excluding ejuice and batteries). It comes in different colors.

Firing Button

The firing button on the Priv V8 is very nice as it is large and easy to press. It has a kind of a “detonator” type appeal.


The Priv V8 can either be plugged in on the side of the device or by removing the battery from the bottom and using a wall charger (which is recommended). It is recommended to buy an extra battery or two, so when one dies, you can seamlessly keep vaping, without having to wait for a charge. The Priv V8 Kit does not include batteries. The battery you need is a high-drain 18650 battery. I recommend Samsung ones.


The Priv V8 Kit includes the TFV8 Baby Beast tank, which holds 3mL of fluid, so if you vape heavy you may want to carry juice with you. This being said, it provides awesome flavor, as well as pretty solid vapor production.


My Priv V8 lasted about 12-14 months of heavy usage then died and never came back on.


To turn the power on or off, simply click the firing button five times. Begin inhaling, then press the firing button. Otherwise the vapor will pool up inside of the tank and it is far more likely to make you cough.

The flavor on the Priv V8 is great, especially for the amount of vapor it produces.

Technical Specs

The Smok Priv V8 is made of a zinc alloy with the following dimensions: 24.5mm x 34mm x 80mm. It weighs 83.3 grams and has one LED light which is very clear whether the power is on, off, or the battery is dead. Another one shows charging status when you are charging the mod directly instead of on the wall. Output voltage is steady between 3.4V-4.2V. It is 60 Watts.


I was very pleased with my Priv V8. I used it quite a lot and it worked for longer than I had expected it to. This is a great choice for someone who just wants simplicity.

Smok Priv V8






Vapor Production


Weight and Feel


Firing Mechanism



  • Tank produces delicious vapor.
  • LED easy to understand


  • May be too simple for experienced vapers.

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