Snowwolf MFeng Box Mod Review

Snowwolf MFENG Review

About a month and a half ago, I purchased a new box mod known as the Snowwolf MFeng. The device comes in a variety of colors, of which I chose solid black – with a golden wolf on the back. Neat-looking device. In this review I will be discussing the following elements of the Snowwolf MFeng:

  • Batteries
  • Appearance
  • Display
  • Wattage
  • Function


The Snowwolf MFeng runs off of 2 18650 batteries, which you can purchase here. I recommend getting two packs of the batteries in that link, because then you can have two on the charger, and two in the mod. You really only need four batteries in total, and the link I gave includes two batteries in it.


The Snowwolf MFeng looks awesome! As I stated in the introduction, it comes in a variety of different colors – Silver & Black, Full Golf, Rainbow & Black, Full SS, Gold & Black, Pearl-White & Gold, Bronze, and Full Rainbow


The display on the MFeng features two different styles, both very attractive; however I found I like the stock version better than the alternative. It also features a small lock in the left-hand bottom corner, which tells you if your wattage is locked or not. In the lower right-hand corner, there is an icon which tells you how much battery life you’ve got left. Between these is an icon which shows what “mode” it is on (I will get into this in the ‘function’ section. Big in the middle of the screen is the current wattage the mod is set at. Above this shows the ohms. There are also decorations on the display, which are the styles I spoke of above. The display is 1.3″ and full-color.


The Snowwolf MFeng is a 200W mod – far more wattage than most people need (while it is a 200W mod you do not have to keep it at 200 – that is just the cap. I keep mine on 50W with 6mg juice.


This device is excellent in terms of quality and function. It includes multiple modes – SS, TCR, Power, Ti1, and Ni200, making it a temperature-control mod. It fires up very quickly.

Personal Opinion of the Snowwolf MFeng

This device is my favorite one, of all the device’s I’ve ever owned, and I highly recommend it for beginners and advanced vapers alike. I like using mine with my Geekvape Cerberus. The MFeng is super sleek and sexy, and comes in all those different varieties of colors.

Snowwolf MFENG








Overall Quality



  • Beautiful Mod
  • 200W
  • Option for Temperature Control

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