What is a Rebuildable Atomizer?

We know from my previous article what exactly an atomizer is. However, with this type of atomizer, you don’t just screw it in and be good to go. A rebuildable atomizer (RBA) means that you must build the coils, get cotton through, and only then will you be ready.

Why Choose a Rebuildable Atomizer

Rebuildable atomizers can be built many different ways. Different amounts of wraps on coils (as well as the space you built with the base) produce different effects. For example, one may be built to maximize flavor, while another one focuses on vapor production. This way, you can customize the exact effect balance you desire.

Why to NOT Choose a Rebuildable Atomizer

Tanks are more convenient, and only take a matter of seconds to swap out the atomizer. Making a build on a rebuildable atomizer can take time to get right. You used to be able to get a build at a vape shop, however governmental agencies no longer permit businesses to do that.

I do not recommend rebuildable atomizers for those new to vaping or with shaky, twitchy hands.

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