What is an Atomizer? (Vaping)

The atomizer is a critical part of any vape device. It is what heats up and turns the liquid into vapor. Atomizers have cotton aspects to them. As such, the eJuice is pulled into the cotton, which is then heated by the atomizer itself, and the cotton will continue to be soaked (at least on a tank).

Tell-tale signs that your atomizer is at the end of its life include:

  • Leaking eJuice
  • Burnt taste
  • Reduced vapor production

When your atomizer burns out, you will need to swap it out. Most devices make this a very easy and seamless process.

Are All Atomizers the Same?

Atomizer styles and sizes come in many different forms. Some tanks require specific wattage to properly function.

You can purchase multi packs of atomizers usually, which I highly recommend doing. If you decide to get it from a vape shop, bring the old atomizer, still attached and screwed in. The people at the counter will be able to determine the kind of atomizer you need.

The frequency at which you must replace your atomizer is hard to pin-point, as the time in between atomizers is heavily influenced by how much it’s used and the wattage level. For some people it’s a week, and for some people it’s a month.

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