Wismec Active Vape Kit Review

The Wismec Active is a very unique mod. Why? It has a Bluetooth speaker built in! It is shockproof and water resistant. The way it is designed, the chance of breaking the tank is drastically reduced. The rest of the mod has a silicone type wrap around it, making the shock absorption very strong.



The Wismec Active comes with a 2100 mAh built-in battery which can be charged with any micro USB charger (such as the charger for an android phone). It did not take long for the battery to start draining quicker than it should.

Wattage Control

The Wismec Active goes up to 80W, and increases and decreases in 1.0W increments. Make sure you get the 40W atomizers!

Firing Button

The firing button on the Wismec Active worked fine for the first three months, but in the second three months, I had problems where about 20% of the time, the firing button wouldn’t actually make it fire.

Bluetooth Speaker

The Bluetooth speaker is good for what it is. Don’t expect anything fancy out of it. Very poor bass quality. It has play, pause, forward, and backward buttons.


The Amor NS Plus is included with the Wismec Active kit. It never leaked on me and produced decent amounts of vapor without sacrificing too much flavor. It holds 4.5mL of eJuice. Honestly the best thing about this kit.


My Wismec Active worked for about 6 months before breaking, which I was obviously extremely disappointed with. Most of my mods have lasted me about a year. The battery died and because it is a built-in battery, you can’t just get a new battery; you have to buy a whole new mod.


To use the Wismec, put juice in the tank, wait fifteen minutes, and you’re ready to go! Begin inhaling then press the button as to not choke yourself up. There are buttons on the side opposite to the firing button which control the Bluetooth speaker.

Technical Specs

The Wismec Active measures at 94.5mm by 55.6mm by 26.6mm and weighs 166.4g. The voltage output is from 0.5-9.0V. Temperature Control is an option. It has a zinc-alloy chassis.


I would not buy the Wismec Active again. It was a pretty good mod but I wanted something I wouldn’t have to replace after only a few months.

Wismec Active Kit




Vapor Production




Weight and Feel



  • Shockproof
  • Waterproof


  • Very short lifespan
  • Issues with firing button
  • Poor quality speaker

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